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Bob Alumbaugh
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I love technology with a focus on the AV industry and the broadcast world.

When I am not working the integration side I am providing services for the entertainment industry. I along with my business partner are now providing film and audio content for international clientele.

On the entertainment side of my career:
I have worked for industry leaders and independent artists in my 25+ years in the entertainment industry. I am very fortunate to be allowed the opportunity to work with "A" list acts on the mixing/engineering side.

While holding the mantle of Head Audio for Las Vegas was brief I now move into a role supporting all the talented technicians and engineers we employ.
My previous touring engagement was as the audio crew chief and FOH System Tech for Brian Wilson Tour 2015-2018.

Artists include: Brian Wilson, Diana Krall, Steely Dan, The Black Crows, Megadeth, Andrea Bocelli, Aerosmith, Blues Traveler, Steven Tyler/Joe Perry Projects, America's Got Talent and more.

Specialties: FOH and MON engineering/tuning/optimization/infrastructure services. PA line array deployment and conceptual understanding (the overall placement and understanding of system deployment regardless of manufacture) freelance work for production houses. Audio, ADR and foley services.

Brendon Rowen
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I am a highly skilled, passionate & motivated professional. Having worked in numerous global locations in a variety of business and creative arena’s, I am extremely fortunate to have achieved many of my life ambitions.

With the firm belief that life is for experiencing all the great things we can create for ourselves and others; I apply focused determination, diligent leadership, and self-discipline to champion challenges I may be faced with.


I have developed a grace of presence with a firm approach to all I do and have created award winning Film/TV/Documentary/Radio/Music material for Warner Bros, Endemol, BBC, Eagle Rock Entertainment, Sony, Marvel, SABC, NBC et al.

I have a deeply engrained passion for responsible environmental custodianship, effective visual story-telling and human wellbeing and have delivered on those beliefs and passions, in all I do.


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